Outline for our conversation

Outline For Our Long-Term Care Conversation

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You can expect us to proceed through these topics in our first conversation. Your family might be further along in some areas, so we might move through some topics quickly.

  1. Where are you today (health of each, living situation)?
  2. What have the doctors told you?
  3. What do you think is in your future?
  4. Who’s your family?
  5. How together are you (scale of 1 to 10)?
  6. Where are you along the continuum of caring?
    1. Home caring (joys, opportunities, can you provide or learn what is needed?)
    2. assisted living
    3. nursing home
    4. acute care
  7. What is most important for your family?
  8. 5 ½ ways to get through the finances
  9. What strategies will work for you?

Where will you end up? In a place where you know your next steps, and with some measure of hope to see a path through the woods, even if there will inevitably be twists and turns ahead.

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