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Here we do

Here we do something special. :- Doug.

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There follows decrepitude. Not all experience it. Some perhaps even seek it after other parts of their lives. It might be short, or it might last years. Might it include some spiritual dimensions? :- Doug.

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Child adult middler elder

Child, adult, middler, elder can map to Mindell’s phases: 1. me-me-me; 2. not-me problems to solve; 3. starting to see both sides, role-playing, dreaming; 4. higher-larger-infinity-eternity-whole-generativity. :- Doug.

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See you bigger

Elders are simultaneously within and outside the system. So they can see you bigger, help the grandchildren make a bigger world. :- Doug.

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When young

When young there is plenty of time later When seasoned time washes Time later starts to course into time now :- Doug.

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Hardware store

The hardware store sells me a quarter inch drill. Do they sell me quarter inch holes? No. The doctor, the lawyer, the preacher provide me a service. Do they sell me a result? No. They each provide what they provide. … Continue reading

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Long view

The elder view is the long view. :- Doug.

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“Laden with happiness and tears

“Laden with happiness and tears.” Are tears more profound, more together-bringing than happiness? Or just a form of happiness? Either can carry us along the generational stream. :- Doug.

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Easy to talk with

My father in law used to say, “Retired people are easy to talk with. They have nothing to prove.” I don’t believe it—it’s not retired folks. It is elders. Of any age. People who have nothing to prove: who have … Continue reading

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Teach I don’t know

To teach wisdom, teach the living of “I don’t know.” :- Doug.

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Deny you are wise?

Finally, wisdom is saying I don’t know. If you deny being wise, you probably are on your way. :- Doug.

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In questioning

Wisdom is in the questioning. :- Doug.

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How do I bring the depth of for the grandchildren into end of life conversing? :- Doug.

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Bigger than only

Bigger than only. Each and together. Know this and you elder. :- Doug.

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Oh, to float lazily

Oh, to float lazily like these few snowflakes. What care have they except to fall, to fly ahead of the breezes, to land softly and lie still, to accumulate, to be? To melt, to evaporate, to know only they are … Continue reading

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We see more

As we elder we see more. :- Doug.

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Eldering is at once theoretical, spiritual, and practical: it aims us towards a better working world. :- Doug.

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