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You may be wondering about our term Elder Caring. See here.

Living well at the end of life....

Would your group like to see, free, all or part of the documentary, Consider the Conversation, and have a facilitated conversation around living well at the end of life? (Click the video cover or link above to find a list of upcoming screenings.) We also have the Emmy-nominated Consider the Conversation 2, which takes the conversation deeper. Find out how Doctors want to die, and how it is different from most of the rest of us!

Are we the right Elder Caring Law firm for your family? Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Medicaid, Long-Term Care and the like–the usual projects of Elder Lawyers–we approach with an eye not to selling a document, but to counsel and converse toward wholeness for your tribe and developing your loved one’s eldering. Take a look around and see if we might fit together.

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