Help! Mom’s got a medical crisis and I need to make a decision fast!

Help! Mom’s got a medical crisis and I need to make a decision fast!

First things first: Breathe! Take a breath. If you pass out, you are doing Mom no good! Then try some of these things:

  • Make a list of the things Mom told you over the years about what decisions she would want. Your job is to do what she wants, not what you want.
  • Ask your siblings and other people who know Mom to make the same sorts of lists and share them with you.
  • Stop and breathe again. Some decisions might not need to be made instantaneously.
  • Ask the doctors how soon you have to decide, and what could happen if you do not decide.
  • Here are some other questions to ask the doctors.
  • Remember that if the doctors are not doing what you think is right, or you simply need help making the best decision for Mom, call the hospital’s ethics committee. How? Call the switchboard and ask to be connected to the ethics committee.

Sorry we do not have the answer for you; but these things might ease your stress. Oh, and remember to breathe. It helps.

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