How to Apply for Indiana Medicaid

How to Apply for Medicaid in Indiana:

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The easy part:

Go to the FSSA Website, follow the links to the application and either fill it out online or print it out, fill it in, and mail or hand deliver it to FSSA. Currently the application can be found here for English, and here for español. Anyone can fill this out for the applicant, or you can apply for yourself.

The form is easy, and essentially just wants very basic information like name and address and a signature. There is no need to fill out anything that is not marked with an asterisk (*).

The grunt labor:

Once you have filled out the application, you will be interviewed. You need to prepare for the interview by gathering a whole list of information and documents. Some of it seems nonsensical, but remember that the system runs on paper and they will want every thing, little and big, documented. Or they will deny your application.

The application has a list of basic information to gather, and here is a more comprehensive list.

When to enlist help:

If your situation is plain vanilla, then you can handle the application process yourself. By plain vanilla we mean that you have spent all your money down below $1,500, you have made no gifts, you have no annuities, and you have a home (if your spouse is still living there). Anything out of the ordinary can result in many questions and possibly a denial of your application.

So you need to enlist the help of an attorney if:

  • Your situation is more complicated than this
  • You have (or have had in the last 5 years) unusual assets like mobile homes, annuities, stocks or bonds
  • You have people other than your spouse living with you or you have been living with them
  • You have sold any cars, homes, real estate, or other large assets, or cashed in any life insurance or stocks or bonds in the last 5 years
  • You have unusual financial dealings, like an investment going bad
  • You have made any gifts of over $1,200 (total of all gifts) per year to anyone, whether family, friends or even charities or churches
  • You feel uncomfortable organizing or presenting your documents and information
  • Your application is denied (you have a very short time to appeal, so seek help the day your get your denial letter)

If you need help, please call or email us.

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