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News: MetLife Study of Elder Financial Abuse

Here is an updated study: :- Doug.

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Hearing takes more effort than listening

Hearing takes more effort than listening Hearing draws a smaller circle —in us —of the other Hearing makes the other real to us & opens our heart Though this circle is smaller It serves the all by opening us out … Continue reading

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Walking through doors makes us forget

Hi– A new Notre Dame study shows why walking through doorways makes us forget: :- Doug.

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Imprisoning people with Alzheimer’s

The face of disability is changing and it is us. We are becoming an aging society and our living longer has revealed to us new accouterments of aging in the form of various dementias, most of which are physical. Our … Continue reading

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Weeding another’s garden

Weeding another’s garden A task I now own I’d hoped but not so easily done More work than I thought Why’d they give me this job? I have other things to do The weeds among the flowers The vegetables need … Continue reading

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Yes it’s true: Holy Smoke

Hi– I thought it was a joke when I got the email: someone offering to load your cremated remains in a shotgun (or larger!) shell so you can have one last turkey shoot. Then I found a reference in a … Continue reading

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Is tells us Do

Is tells us Do Emergency! How do you make the best decisions for your loved one in a medical emergency? You need to converse. The conversation’s words do not give a recipe for what to do; we cannot cover every … Continue reading

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