The case of Lorraine Bayless

The case of Lorraine Bayless is a perfect example: an 87 year old for whom no CPR was given holds a mirror up for us of the complexity of our end of life. We have a 75% idea about CPR (the real number is closer to 17%—for a healthy person.) Why do doctors do more for patients than they do for themselves? Because they might be sued? Why? Because in our society we think everyone can be saved and should be? Why? Always ask Why again. Because we cannot accept death? Because we cannot let go? Because we want someone to blame? Because we are angry? There are probably 101 reasons, all interwoven and tangled. This is the definition of complex. But hear this quite clearly: we do it to ourselves. We are the ones driving this. There is no one else. If we have a lot of bad deaths in our society, it’s up to us to fix it.

:- Doug.

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